NFT Market Place

This NFT marketplace is a special space for game developers, artists, and more. It’s different from regular places because it has digital items, including NFTs, which are like special digital things you can own. People who create games or make art can find and share their cool stuff here. Phoenix Galleria AI is more than just a marketplace; it’s also a fun community showing what digital things can do with cool technology.

NFT PvP Game

Step into the world of Phoenix Arena, where the fun never stops! It’s like being in a big playground where you can play games that are super exciting and super challenging. You can team up with your friends or take on the computer all by yourself. But here’s the cool part: you have to use your brain and your skills to win. It’s not just about luck—it’s about strategy and thinking ahead. So get ready to show off how clever and awesome you are as you battle it out in the amazing Phoenix Arena!.

Text To NFT

Welcome to Phoenix Text Magic, where your words become special digital treasures! It’s like turning your writing into one-of-a-kind digital stuff using cool technology. This platform helps writers, poets, and anyone with big dreams keep their words in a really cool way. With Phoenix Text Magic, you can create digital artworks that show off your creativity and express yourself. Each digital treasure is not just a token—it’s like having your very own piece of art and leaving a mark in the digital world. Plus, it works together with Midjourney API to make everything even more awesome!


Welcome to Phoenix World, where things get super cool with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)! It’s like mixing digital art and stories with a touch of real-world magic. Just imagine wearing special glasses and seeing awesome things added to your surroundings, or putting on a VR headset and stepping into a whole new world. Each NFT is like a special key that unlocks fun adventures in both digital and real life. Picture having a cool dinosaur appear in your room or exploring amazing virtual places. Phoenix World shows how we can play and have fun with AR and VR in the future!

Unique Features

Explore auctions, connect with artists, curate collections, and enjoy seamless transactions in a trusted, mobile-friendly environment.

Fun Auctions

Have fun bidding on cool stuff in live auctions. It’s like a game where you can win awesome digital treasures!

Cool Collections

Check out neat collections made by people like you! Find all sorts of cool things that you’ll love

Turn Your Words into Art

Transform your words into digital art with Midjourney integration. Write your ideas become unique NFTs!

Token Sale

  • Block Chain Solana
  • Token Name Phoenix AI
  • Token Symbol PXAI
  • Total Supply 1 Billion
  • Token Sale Start 2024-05-03 18:00 UTC
  • Token Sale End 2024-05-13 18:00 UTC
  • Tokens for sale 200,000,000
  • Token Price 1 Sol = 2,262,661 PXAI


Contract Address: 6ShUgWF9QndhbShHtkuXfbfmx1hS7dMdSsWGJyQRUxRq

  • Pre-Sale 20%
  • Liquidity 8%
  • Ecosystem 13%
  • Treasury 14%
  • Airdrop(PXAI Holders on Matic chain) 20%
  • Team 15%
  • Marketing 10%

Road Map

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Phase 1
  • Website Launch.
  • Team Assemble
  • Tokenomics design
  • Create PXAI Token
  • Audit Contract
  • KYC
Phase 2
  • PXAI Token Launch
  • Update CoinGecko listing
  • CMC Listing
  • CEX Listing
Phase 3
Market Place
  • Post Launch Marketing
  • Migrate NFT Market Place to Solana
  • NFT Market Place Re-Launch
Phase 4
NFT Game
  • NFT Game Characters Design
  • Create NFTs for the Game
  • NFT Game Launch
Phase 5
MidJourney Integration
  • MidJourney Integration
  • Text to NFT Feature Release
  • Providing Subscriptions for Users
Phase 6
  • VR/AR NFT Market Place
  • Partner with Artists
Phase 7
Game & Marketplace Enhancements
  • More Levels on Game
  • More Features on Marketplace